The links below are cards developed by Dottie Edwards an Earth Science teacher in Virginia. Virginia’s Earth Science curriculum is similar to New York’s but not as comprehensive and different enough that simply copying all of these cards would not be a good use of your time.

Use these cards as examples how how you can develop your own cards for studying for the Regents. Incorporate different colors, diagrams, and drawings of your own. Write key facts. Make your cards “yours”. Take advantage of how you learn (visually, orally, or actively) and write/draw your notes according to that style. These are slightly different from flash cards in that they use several key concepts along with color and graphics on a single over-sized card. Again, these should be an expression of how you learn best. Making summary cards gives your mind a chance to absorb the material.

Go over your cards with a friend and compare what the two of you put down. This can help reinforce what you're learning. It also can help you remember information when it's time for the test as well as going over your cards will alert you and your friend to any errors.
Self Organized Learning (SOL) Cards

Click on graphic to download SOL Card examples.


Examples of Concept Maps
by Mr. Gazda